Pre-Strategy Call

The following videos give you the information needed to get you ready for your strategy call.
Please watch each short video in numerical order.
For our call please make sure you are in a quiet room and you allow around an hour.

Step #1 - Pre-Strategy Call

In this video I run through what we will be talking through on our Strategy Call.

Step #2 - The Back In Charge Blueprint Breakdown

In this video I breakdown the Back In Charge Blueprint so you can have an understanding of what we do in the Blueprint and how we create long term sustainable results for you if we feel this is the right step forwards.

Step #3 - After Our Strategy Call

Find out what happens after our Strategy call if we agree that the Back In Charge Blueprint is the right step forward.

Step #4 - Who I Work With

What I would like you to do next is get familiar with some of the men that have been through the Back In Charge Blueprint.
I want you to pay attention to where they were at the beginning with their health and wellness.
How they found their time in the Back In Charge Blueprint.
And finally what they achieved at the end BUT also most importantly whether they feel that this is sustainable long term.

Thomas Jenkinson

Paul Harknett

Marc Perry

Keelan Buckingham

Steve Page

Graeme Duncan

Richard Campbell

Mark McCumiskey

Corin Holness

Dave Kennedy

Simon Pearson