The following videos give you the information we need to help with the diagnosis phase.
Please watch each short video in numerical order and then take the next steps it mentions.

Step #1 - Introduction to week 1

In this video I reveal the aim of the first week and why it is important for you to do everything that is planned.

Step #2 - Habitual Power

You will discover the strength of creating good habits, and why they're so important for you to achieve results

Step #3 - Breakfast Changes

We are going to start making changes to your food and we start with breakfast. Find out what you need to do.

Step #4 - Water Challenge

Water is essential for life. Find out how much you should be drinking on a daily basis.

Step #5 - 7,000 Steps

This video shares the importance of NEAT and how we are going to start to incorporate it into your daily life.

Step #6 - Weekly Coaching Call

This video we talk about the importance of the weekly coaching call, and how to get your questions answered.


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