The following videos give you the information you need for this week in the Acceleration Phase.
Watch the videos as there are small tweaks that you can apply to your Exercise & Nutrition to really get get results in this part of the program.

Please watch each short video in numerical order and then take the next steps it mentions.

Step #1 - Introduction To Week 9

In this video, you will discover the core components that you need to do this week to keep you moving forwards.

Step #2 - The 4 F's & The Wheel Of Life

You will discover this weeks module the 4 F's & The Wheel Of Life and how we now can start to use what we have achieved in Fitness and use it in other areas of our lives.

Step #3 - "The Wheel Of Life" Task

In this video I show you how you will complete this week module which is The Wheel Of Life


Step #4 - The Back In Charge Evening Routine Habit 3

In this video I introduce you to the third of the evening routine.

Step #5 - Exercise Bolt-On

This video shares what you have to do this week for the Exercise Bolt-On.

Step #6 - Nutrition Bolt-On

This video shares the information needed for you to accelerate your weight loss using the nutrition Bolt-On this week.


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