The following videos give you the information you need to implement this week.
Please watch each short video in numerical order and then take the next steps it mentions.

Step #1 - Introduction to week 5

In this video I reveal the aim of this week and why it is important for you to do everything that is planned, Also a quick run through of what else you need to do.

Step #2 - The Two Path

You now have a decision to make.
Will you continue on the path you have been working on, or will you revert back to your default path?

Step #3 - The Two Paths Task

These are the instructions on how to complete The Two Paths Task and discover which path you will continue on.


Step #4 - Your Personalised Nutrition Plan

In this video we will discuss how to create your personalised nutrition plan so that you can achieve your weight loss results specific to you.

Step #5 - Calories And Protein Goal

This video I show you how to work out your calories and protein targets specific to you.

Step #6 - Track All Meals

In this video, I tell you what we are working on with regard to tracking your nutrition this week.

Step #7 - The Back In Charge Morning Routine Habit 3

This video shares with you, your third Back In Charge Morning Routine Habit.

Step #8 - 10,000 Steps

This video we discuss the changes to your daily step target.


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